Top 5 Favorite Music Quotes

I am passionately in love with words, poetry, songwriting, and quotes. I typically pick a quote every day to reflect on and often times I’ll share it on my social media channels in hopes of [...]


How Yoga Can Improve Your Sex Life

Contributed by Michael Kanter Star One day, while writing at the coffee shop, I found myself within earshot of two women discussing ways of improving their sex drive. The two women appeared to be [...]


Poem: Daredevil

Poem by The Phoetic I won’t follow you into the dark abyss of tomorrow Neither will I guide you through a spooky wood I ain’t jumping off a cliff with you Or let us cross the street without a [...]


A Shadow Approaches

A Shadow Approaches A Poem By, The Phoetic I sit, twenty after four The wink of a curser waits with me My attention is drawn… As a shadow approaches. It is long, stretched by the setting [...]


My Erotic Narcotic

An addiction can cause great loss and pain. That goes for anyone who loves someone who is an addict. Addicts are never quite whole, never happy enough, and are constantly longing for the next [...]


A Question That I Whisper To You

In the version of love that I subscribe to, we fall in love long before we meet the “ONE.” As a child, whenever I experienced wonder, awe, joy, or those uncontrollable giggles, my emotional heart [...]


Poem: The Small Spaces

  A Poem by The Phoetic The Small Spaces I discovered her, in between The formidable dawn And the ceremonies of night, Holding on to a bit of what I could, A bit of what I shouldn’t. There [...]


Poem: Dear Universe

I’ve found that whenever I ask the Universe for something, I eventually get it. But, I have also found that when I ask the Universe to not send me something, I still eventually get it. So, in the [...]


10 Educational Lessons You Can Teach Kids in the Kitchen

Originally published on Naturally Savvy written by Zuri Star Getting in the kitchen with your children empowers your kids to make healthy food choices through hands-on learning. Your kids will [...]


She Wears Many Hats

What is “I Am Zuri,” and who the heck is Zuri?  Well, this is my story, my metamorphosis to become “I Am Zuri,” as they say. I have traveled far, expanded my palate, [...]

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