Sex Medicine: Hump Me Healthy

Episode 12 is here! Show Description: We all know what good sex feels like…right? Well, do you know that good sex equals good health? During this spicy episode, the EmPOWERment Couple pulls [...]

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The Chakras: Seven Wheels A Spinning

Episode 11 is here! Show Description: Do you know what your chakras are? In this episode, the EmPOWERment Couple discusses your body’s seven power centers called chakras. The chakra system is [...]

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How To Create A Harmonious Home

Episode 8 is here! Show description: Is your home a sanctuary or a prison right now? Maybe it is somewhere in between? Let The EmPOWERment Couple inspire you to improve your home life experience. [...]

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Forgiveness Equals Freedom

Episode 7 is here! Show description: Have you ever held onto a grudge? Are you staying stuck in an old memory loop of something that hurt you? Maybe you’re harboring pain from something that [...]

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Cord Cutting Guided Meditation

Is someone stealing your energy? Have you been sucked dry by an energy vampire? This “Cord Cutting,” guided meditation led by Mikey Star, will help you cut the cord between you and that person or [...]

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How Yoga Can Improve Your Sex Life

Contributed by Michael Kanter Star One day, while writing at the coffee shop, I found myself within earshot of two women discussing ways of improving their sex drive. The two women appeared to be [...]

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