Choosing Birthday Bliss Over Blues

Season 3, Episode 6

Show Description:

Do you celebrate your birthday with bliss or blues? Did you get a beautiful cake when you were expecting pie? The EmPOWERment Couple suggests that you turn your expectation into appreciation and watch your whole life change for the better. It’s Zuri’s birthday today, what better day to discuss how expectations can “ex-out” your celebration.

  • In this birthday bash episode we joyfully
  • Celebrate Zuri with some hilarious birthday hijinks
  • Discuss how expectations can crash the party
  • Talk about how to manage expectations
  • Reveal the secret sauce to ex-out expectations

You can choose a happy birthday, or a crappy birthday…it’s really based on your expectations. Or you can join the EmPOWERment Couple and practice some good old fashion acceptance, allowance, and gratitude and celebrate a happy birthday, everyday!

Show blog coming soon.

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