Stop Suffering From Seasonal Allergies

Season 3, Episode 7

Episode Description:

Ahhh…chooo, or anew? Which is your definition of Spring? For the allergy sufferers, Spring is the season of sneezing. Oh, but there are many ways to stifle the sniffle and The EmPOWERment Couple has assembled a beautiful bouquet of both ancient and cutting edge remedies just for you. Not only can you trim down those seasonal irritations, but also weed out the equally nasty indoor toxins that tax your immune system year round. 

In today’s blossoming episode we’re going to:

  • Get a clear understanding of allergens
  • Talk about allergy medication dangers
  • Find what Spring allergies that all of us can avoid
  • Detail ways you can beat seasonal allergies naturally
  • Provide powerful solutions to improving year-round indoor air quality

Whether it be pollen, dander, mold, toxic pollutants or good old fashioned dust, it’s time to up-level your allergy game. The EmPOWERment Couple can’t wipe your nose, but we can inoculate you with knowledge. Spring is a time to celebrate, to fall in love, to open the heart, not a time to suffer. Tune in and breathe.

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