I Am Zuri is an omni-media lifestyle company focusing on living a beautiful life. Our aim is to support you mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally by sharing the most current and useful media on organic food, clean living, eco-fashion, safe beauty, social media, and music.

We are a collective group of creatively inspired individuals dedicated to celebrating a beautiful life. I Am Zuri will feature content from influencers in the wellness world, best-selling authors, fitness experts, innovative healers, pioneering health advocates, passionate chefs, celebrities, and top tier journalists to give you all the inspiration and guidance needed to create your most beautiful experience.

Zuri Star, who is a citizen activist and vocal advocate for environmental health, human rights, LGBT, social justice, animal rights, and the good food movement, leads the I Am Zuri Tribe. Zuri is also a singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, mother, and a travel and culinary enthusiast. For an in depth look at how I Am Zuri came to be, please read this article.

Also in the tribe is Michael Kanter Star, a writer, culinary enthusiast, poet, photographer, father, and a certified yoga instructor with a passion to serve and a tendency to empower those around him.


Together we’ve created a lifestyle portal that provides tips, tricks, inspiration, how-to guides, interviews, tutorials, solutions, DIY hacks, recipes and more all based on living a beautifully fulfilling life.

To learn more about the I Am Zuri tribe please join us here. For press inquiries please visit our press page. To contact us please visit us here.

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