Beauty Bone Broth

What beauty secrets do farmer’s know? Ask any farmer this question: Who feeds the plants? Their response will be unanimous. The soil feeds the plants! Healthy soil provides all the [...]


Vegan Beauty Broth

Does your diet leave you feeling old, tired, with dull skin? It could be that you need to add some beauty ingredients into your diet to support the gut. The problem with our modern food choices [...]


Replace Pinkwashing With Prevention

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and that means pink ribbons blanket everything from cosmetics to soda cans. In 1992, Estée Lauder’s senior corporate vice president—a breast cancer [...]


Beauty Hacks For Jet Setters

My life moves fast, therefore, I like to be prepared! Whether or not I’m prepping for a trip,  I always have some pre-packed travel bags and a travel pack list ready to go. It’s important [...]


Salon Hack: Bring Your Own Products

Guess what? You don’t have to give up being glamorous to be eco-conscious, green, organic, safe, earth-friendly, or non-toxic. You can still get your nails done and your hair did, but you need to [...]


Behind My Love Of Fashion

Fashion Lover I’ve always seen fashion as art, and I owe it in large part, to a trip to London with my Dad. My Dad? My farmer Dad you might be asking. Yes. My Dad is the reason why I like [...]


Get The Look: Kryptonite Single Cover Shoot

I always have fun when picking out clothes for my music single covers. This look in particular I got locally and did some thrift shopping, vintage shopping and some closet shopping.  But [...]


What’s In My Beauty Bag?

I’m often asked what products I use when I’m on the stage, in the studio, or at a conference, so I decided to make a list of the products that I have vetted and currently use in my [...]


Beautiful You Subscription

Coming soon! Soon you’ll be able to subscribe to a beautiful NEW you with my monthly lifestyle guide. First guide launches in Fall 2016! To learn more about the evolution of I Am Zuri visit She [...]


A Look Back On Glamour

What we put in our body has been in the headlines for years and years. Let’s be honest, you can probably still hear your Momma saying, “You are what you eat, so eat your veggies.” But how much [...]

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