What Da Fuk is Lymphasizing?

Episode 6 is here! Tune in to The EmPOWERment Couple every Thursday. Good health and wellbeing depend on a well-functioning lymphatic system. As such, detoxifying, boosting and activating the [...]

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8 Easy Yoga Poses to Put You to Sleep

I am a recovering insomniac. For the 60 million insomniacs out there in America, this isn’t an alumnus to be proud of. A poor night’s sleep is followed by a day feeling depleted, unfocused, [...]

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Laughter Medicine: Tickle Me Healthy

Listen in to our latest episode and be sure to share, subscribe, and review. Most of us have heard the old adage, “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” WE can vouch for this after watching, [...]

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