Good Grief: A Year Of Firsts

Season 3, Episode 3

Show Description:

“He who has no time to mourn, has no time to mend.” John Donne. Oh how John’s words have rung true during the 20’s. A shout out to all who have lost family members, friends, jobs, pets, good health, houses and any and all material objects that took a long time to procure…we hope you are grieving well. The EmPOWERment Couple has taken our losses and turned them into lessons. Our 3 part episode is dedicated to you and your beautiful heart, for there is no love, without loss. This particular episode is dedicated to Big Foot, our gentle giant of empowerment.

In this 3rd installment of good grief:

  • We discuss how we allowed our grieving process to heal and strengthen our hearts
  • Healthy and not-so-healthy ways of grieving
  • What life looks like after a year of firsts
  • How to recognize and support a loved one who is grieving

As we have said during Good Grief 1 and 2, “The longer you live, the more you lose,” Losing loved ones is part of loving loved ones. The EmPOWERment Couple knows this, feels this, and is allowing it to be so. But, not without some good love and some good grief. 

Show blog coming soon.

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