Podcasting During A Pandemic

Season 3, Episode 5

Show Description:

We’ve been told that the best time to buy an umbrella is before it rains. A heavy rain certainly wasn’t the thought when we decided to lanch The EmPOWERment Couple Podcast during the beginning of a pandemic, but in retrospect, maybe it was..? We’ve talked about knowing when and where you need to make a change in your life, and sometimes you need more than wise words to do so. Sometimes, what you need most, is some good old fashioned momentum. 

In this against all odds episode, we will discuss:

  • How we turned motivation into momentum
  • How to discover your passion in the middle of chaos
  • Why the world needs you to become a podcaster
  • What you need to start your own podcast

So, what is stopping you from sharing your gift with the world? Although podcasting isn’t for everyone, do not  let that stop you. The EmPOWERment Coupe demands that you find your platform, find your voice, and help make this crazy world a little more enjoyable for your fellow Earthlings. The more love you serve, the more love serves you. 

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Show blog coming soon.

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