Giving Gifts That Give Back

Episode 33 is here!

Show Description:

Now is the time to ponder the age-old question: Is it better to give or to receive? Some say that receiving a gift always feels good. However; when you give a gift, you receive a gift at the same time. The EmPOWERment Couple is going to share gifts that give back. When you are out seeking that special gift for someone special, choose not with your pocketbook, but with your heart. Whether you’re giving a gift that’s trending, hard to find, over the top, or on sale, give it with joy and love. 

Our gift to you will include: 

  • How to remove the stress of choosing a gift
  • The health benefits of giving
  • Some healthy lifestyle gift ideas 
  • Gifts that inspire love, joy, and creativity
  • The spiritual benefits of giving 

So, for the next anniversary, birthday, holiday, get well, goodbye, congratulations, and surprise gift you buy remember what The EmPOWERment Couple told you…Give because giving feels so damn good! Give back, give love, give back to love.

Show blog coming soon.

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