The Thanks You Give

Episode 33 is here!

Show Description:

There is nothing so sophisticated, so sexy, so exotically appealing to the senses, as giving and receiving THANKS. That’s right, the practice of gratitude is an amazing experience that needs to be had and shared as often as possible. The EmPOWERment Couple is thankful to serve up some gratitude and love yet again. We know that giving thanks is an emotion, a trait, and a practice that has powerful effects on how you feel, what you experience, and how you manifest.

In this episode we will gratefully discuss the following:

  • Review the science of gratitude
  • Using gratitude to heal your body and relationships
  • The spiritual expansion of having an attitude of gratitude
  • 26 ways to make an attitude of gratitude into a daily habit
  • 20 ways to show gratitude

Thank you for tuning into our 33rd episode! The EmPOWERment Couple appreciates you and your loved ones. You are on our gratitude list. In receiving our thanks, we hope you experience the same feelings of happiness and joy as we did while serving you gratitude. Arigato!

Show blog coming soon.


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