The E Team’s Story On Empowered Pivoting, Passions, and Purpose

Episode 17 is here!

Show Description:

In everyone’s life, there will come a time where one is forced to pivot or to take a sharp turn in another direction. It is in these special moments, that can make, or break your life. In this episode, Mikey and Zuri share some critical times of their lives, where they pivoted toward self-improvement, and self love and finally found themselves in a place they like to call, happiness. Join the EmPOWERment Couple in an unscripted, honest discussion, where they answer the most commonly asked questions from their listeners, clients, friends, and family.

In this episode, the EmPOWERment Couple share the secrets of:

  • Why we started a podcast
  • How we became the Empowerment Couple or as Mike dubs it “The E Team”
  • Where our business and empowerment ideas come from
  • Why we are into health and wellness
  • Why we are passionate about healthy habits
  • Our purpose and how that was the deciding factor on creating our businesses
  • How we came to coaching others

Tune in and be prepared to laugh, learn, and possibly pivot into a higher standard of living your most beautiful life. 

Make sure you share this candid conversation with your friends so they can get to know the EmPOWERment Couple, and maybe they’ll even become your pivot partner. 

Show Blog:

Since this show is just a discussion we are not providing a typical blog this week. But, we will provide a transcript shortly. If you listen in and want to learn more about being a Multipotentialite, watch this video.

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