Dance Medicine: The Power Of Shaking That Ass

Episode 31 is here!

Show Description:

“Dance for life. Dance or die.” This profound quote can be broken down into this simple statement: your moneymaker needs a firm shake to keep you healthy, wealthy, happy and wise. The EmPOWERment Couple is gonna tango with the tips, shuffle with the science and meringue with the medicinal benefits of dancing! Dancing is free, dancing is fun and dancing will make every part of your body look and feel beautiful.

In this rump-shaking episode:

  • We’ll debunk the top excuses for not dancing
  • Cover the top reasons why you should dance regularly
  • Serve up 7 science-backed reasons why you should shake that ass
  • Discuss the emotional and spiritual benefits of dancing
  • How to use dance to manifest success in your life
  • Top tips and resources on how to add dance into your daily habits

So grab your partner and dosey-doe, because it’s time to bounce your booty with The EmPOWERment Couple. Shake in your seat, cha-cha in your car, or shuffle as you stand in line, regardless of where you are, dance your ass off.

Dancing makes you beautiful.

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