Top 5 Favorite Music Quotes

I am passionately in love with words, poetry, songwriting, and quotes. I typically pick a quote every day to reflect on and often times I’ll share it on my social media channels in hopes of [...]

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Lyric Video: I’m On The Run

Lovers, you’ve requested lyric videos for the new music and Mama Lover is here to make you happy! To learn more about the writing process and co-writers visit my post here.    

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Behind The Song: I’m On The Run

This was the first song we wrote in the Magnolia house. The house was a temporary studio for co-producer Mike Krompass. This was one of those songs that flowed out of all of us pretty quickly. [...]

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Sucky Task Awesome Songs Playlist

Music can get me through anything! Music helps me do the dishes and the laundry. It makes paying the bills, and packing or unpacking my bags, inspirational! Seriously, when I don’t want to do a [...]

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Behind the Song: Kryptonite

I wrote Kryptonite with Heather Jeanette Miley and Mike Krompass. The concept came from a phone conversation with Mike on my ride home from the studio late one night, after a session. We were [...]

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