Positive Perspectives Are Everything

Season 2, Episode 9!

Show Description:

Is your cup half empty or half full? Regardless of your perspective, there is always more than one to be had. So, it comes down to a choice, and The EmPOWERment Couple has positioned themselves at the fork in the road. With our love banners held high we are here to remind you to find the best possible perspective, so that you may travel the path with the best possible view. Your cup is both half empty and half full as long as you are grateful that you have water to drink. Let’s chug some tasty gratitude.

In this episode, you will take on a fresh perspective by

  • Defining what perspective is
  • Understanding the difference between perspective and perception
  • Learn from personal stories of how changing perspective changes lives
  • Harness the power to quickly change and expand your perspective

The simplicity of changing your perspective is equivalent to changing into a faster-moving lane. Skip the traffic leading into victimhood and join The EmPOWERment Couple in the gratitude lane. We are heading to the land where everyone’s cup runneth over with joy, beauty, and laughter. Chug love! 









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