Fun Medicine: Playing To Win

Episode 20 is here!

Show Description:

If you’re an entrepreneur, a parent, a boss, a student, or a human, it’s likely that you have a humongous to-do list. However, what separates the busybodies from the successful souls, is the length of their fun-list! The EmPOWERment Couple is here to remind you, that if you want to function at the top of your game, you must play just as hard as you work. 

In this joyous episode, we are going to reveal:

  • How much fun you’re having in your work.
  • The benefits of having fun.
  • 10 science-backed studies that show how having fun is good for your health.
  • How to get things done with fun.
  • How to create a fun ritual.
  • How to assess how much fun you’re currently having in your life.
  • A spiritual look at having fun. 

So gather up your friends and family because The EmPOWERment Couple is about to play a game. The rules are simple, have fun, be young, and surround yourself en-joy!

Show blog coming soon!

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