Get Your Flu Shot From Your Own Kitchen

This is a controversial topic. Ahead of the pandemic, we wrote this article to help those that don’t have good results from the seasonal flu shot and want to explore a flu season without an injection from their local drug store. Sometimes to find the right solution, you need to try different things that work for you and your family. We have the data and the interviews to show that flu shots aren’t really effective for some. In most cases, those that get the shot oftentimes also get the flu. What’s more, is they also often get it more than once per flu season. Yuck! If that’s you, then keep reading. If you like your yearly flu shot, and feel great, this isn’t a blog for you. We want everyone to live their most beautiful life.

Health = Wealth

Since there is mass hysteria and misinformation being shared we are focusing solely on the facts here and are not taking a position on the conspiracy theories. There are a lot of people losing family members, jobs, friends, and time with their significant other over this pandemic, so this post has been edited to acknowledge the concern that some people are looking for naysayers to start a fight. We see you Karen, and we aren’t here for that. We are here for facts, not fear. If you or someone you know is being affected, our hearts are with you, and all of our kitchen medicine suggestions are just that, suggestions you should explore. No need, to contact the management or freak out over this post.

We Believe In Medical Freedom

What does that mean? We believe that just like picking out a pair of pants, medical treatment for any issue is not a one-size-fits-all. We are unique beings and we all have complex designs. We cannot assume that everyone will respond to any medical treatment the same. Just like some people have an allergic reaction to certain medicines or a food allergy, that same person might have a medical need completely opposite of the person reading this. We want YOU to make a choice that suits you and your family. Nobody should decide what you do to your body. That’s our opinion. We will never judge your decision and if you’re looking for alternatives then you’re welcome to our ideas and we welcome a creative discussion. Most things are simply not black and white, wrong or right when it comes to your individualized health choices. We are not anti-vaccination but rather pro-freedom of choice. We believe in the right to know, the right to choose, the right to opt-out of certain procedures, and the right to privacy. We are and have always been human rights activists.

DISCLAIMER: As with all health-related articles, commentary, solutions, research, and data shared on this site, you should review your decisions with your own medical professional. We recommend working with a functional doctor or dietician that can address the biggest part of your immune system, your gut!

Influenza and Flu Shot Facts To Consider

  • The CDC says their 2014/2015 vaccine was only 19% effective. If you were between the ages of 2-8 it was only 15% effective. Vaccine’s effectiveness can be as low as 10%. 
  • Flu vaccines aren’t made with 100% certainty
  • Flu vaccines are made before the flu season even starts, and distributed in August.
  • Influenza mutates so quickly that immunization one year does not protect from the next year’s strains.
  • When you inject foreign protein molecules directly into your bloodstream you can trigger an allergic reaction.
  • The multi-dose vials vaccines contain mercury as a preservative. This is the majority of vaccines.
  • If you are a pregnant or nursing woman you should insist on the single-dose vial which does not contain mercury. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of mercury-free vaccines.
  • Just review the ingredients on the CDC. Flu vaccines contain even more ingredients of concern that they put RIGHT into your BLOOD including aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG, and Thimerosal (mercury preservative.)

Gut check:

The pharmaceutical industry and those that fund flu vaccinations and testing do not care about side-effects or your well-being. If any of the above concerns you and you want alternatives keep reading.

You have to remember that flu shots are a business model. You have to rely on what works best for you. Here at I Am Zuri, we don’t get the flu shot and we don’t get the flu. We do, practice prevention daily though and it saves us thousands per year on doctor visits. In fact, nobody in our house or extended family have been to the doctor for a cold or flu because we are practicing prevention. If you’re new to this concept, listen to our recent podcast where we discuss all of our best prevention habits.

Immune Facts To Consider:

    • Our bodies are designed to fight off these viruses so the best way to prevent them is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 
    • You can prevent the flu and the most severe reactions to viruses by maintaining a healthy body and supporting your immune system.
    • Your immune system contains a series of “sensors” within and then detects an intruding pathogen, like bacteria or a virus. Then the sensors signal other parts of the system to kill the pathogen and eliminate the infection. The ingredients in Flu Shots harm the immune system.
    • The most powerful weapons in your immune system’s arsenal are white blood cells, divided into two main types: lymphocytes, which create antigens for specific pathogens and kill them or escort them out of the body; and phagocytes, which ingest harmful bacteria. White blood cells not only attack foreign pathogens but recognize these interlopers the next time they meet them and respond more quickly.
    • Every tissue in our body contains immune cells because there are thousands of different pathogens that might infect us, from bacteria to viruses to parasites. Our body is healing us constantly.
    • Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have theorized that interferon-gamma (IG), a substance that helps the immune system fight invaders, was linked to social behavior, which is one of the ways we become exposed to pathogens. The takeaway is that if you’re feeling social, your immune system is working well. Their results were published recently in the journal Nature.
    • Being too clean can inhibit your immune system from functioning properly. While trying to avoid foreign pathogens, you don’t want to unintentionally minimize the good bacteria in your environment. We don’t recommend using bleach or any type of anti-bacterial products. We use vinegar and baking soda or Branch Basics in our home.

It’s time for all of us to focus on prevention using science AND kitchen medicine now. We cannot rely on pharmaceutical companies to keep us well.

Preventative Solutions We Recommend Instead Of The Flu Shot:

Did you know that Vitamin C outperforms vaccines? We have clinical studies from Dr. Frederick Klenner from the 1950s that intravenous Vitamin C has been used successfully to treat not just the flu but polio, shingles, measles, mumps, and chickenpox. You can take a daily supplement of Vitamin C. Our pick is from Truvani. I also get high dose vitamin C IV drips if I feel sick but I also do them preventatively on occasion, like before flying or being in a closed air system like a conference setting. Here are ten things you can get and use in your own kitchen that are readily available, inexpensive, and do not cause side effects. 

    • Eat foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, greens, broccoli, cantaloupe, cauliflower, kale, kiwi, papaya, red, green or yellow pepper, sweet potato, strawberries, and tomatoes.
    • The other alternative is we take a tonic that we have a recipe for and you can keep it in your fridge for first signs of the flu. Get the Immunity Kick Shot Recipe.
    • Fire Cider is another item to make and have on hand. The process is lengthy so the kick shot recipe above is if you don’t have fire cider made already. Get the full recipe here.
    • Elderberry is another supplement I use to boost my immune system. Get our easy to make recipe for homemade Elderberry Syrup.
    • Eat local organic food because 80% of our immune system is in our gut. Find out the nutritional benefits of eating local, organic, and fresh here.
    • Eat fresh local food whenever possible. If access is an issue you’d be surprised how many farmers offer CSAs (community supported agriculture) or ship their products directly through delivery programs. Find your local CSA here.
    • Grow your own organic food. In most parts of the U.S., you can grow your own food. And don’t let cold weather stop you, you can grow indoors with little investment and time. Learn more in our blog here.
    • Make organic food affordable with our ten budget-friendly tips.
    • You can get organic pantry staples from our friends at Thrive Market. As an affiliate, you can 25% off plus a free 30-day trial. Thrive is similar to Costco but only carries natural and organic products at an extreme discount. They offer monthly and yearly plans that will save you hundreds of dollars. What’s more, is you can get it shipped to your door as fast as Amazon Prime. Shop Thrive Market using our link.
    • Get our top immune-building foods in this post. Nature already has figured out how to keep you healthy using plant-medicine or kitchen medicine. We pulled those together for you here.
    • But the crown jewel of taking care of your delicate digestive system (where 80% of your immune system resides) is incorporating bone broth regularly into your diet. Get our Bone Broth recipe here.
    • Herbs have been used to heal humans much longer than any other remedy on the planet. If you’re new to herbs it’s best to work with an herbalist. We will have posts in the future about herbs that feature our family herbalist but for now, a good resource for herbs is Emas Herbs.

Now, one other suggestion outside of the kitchen recommendations above is if you don’t already have clean air you’ll want to learn more about why that’s key to staying healthy during flu season here. If you’re really worried about viruses and want to eliminate them inside your home, we recommend investing in an Intellipure air filtration device. You can get 10% off with our link using code Zuri

Lastly, we can’t talk about flu season and alternatives without sharing how important it is to move your body and detox your lymphatic system. Read more about Tabatas, the four-minute workout you can do anywhere. And read the top 5 health benefits of rebounding.

We want to encourage you to be your own daily health advocate. Sometimes we think the government or health care system has our best interest at heart and sometimes they simply do not. There’s too much money in our government that keeps politicians acting out of greed rather than acting on our behalf like they are supposed to. We have hundreds of articles about uncovering the healthiest lifestyle and our podcast focus is empowering you to live your most beautiful life. We hope this blog stimulates your curiosity to find more alternatives to solutions that keep you healthy through every season. 

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