Top 5 Health Benefits Of Rebounding

Most of us fell in love with the trampoline as children. But, did you know that jumping on a trampoline is also healthy? Jumping on the trampoline, also known as rebounding, has many great health benefits, especially for your lymphatic system.

Although large trampolines in backyards are not practical for many of us, there are smaller versions that fit right into your bedroom, office, or living room. These small types of trampolines are referred to as rebounders.

Are you ready to move your body, improve your overall health, lose weight, and have fun? Here are a few health benefits of rebounding.

Benefits of rebounding

1.    Boosts immune function due to lymph flow

The lymphatic system is the body’s “garbage disposal,” and it relies on the movement of our body to flow. Therefore, exercise keeps the lymphatic system working

Rebounding is a highly effective therapy for increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid and detoxifying the body. As you jump up and down, gravity forces the lymphatic fluid to flow, flushing out toxins. Studies show that the lymphatic valves open during a change in gravitational pull. Therefore, when you jump and leave the surface of the rebounder, the lymph valves open. When you land, there is an increase in the gravitational force that leads to a surge in lymphatic drainage.

2.    Improved posture and balance

It is well known that exercise plays a major role in maintaining balance and posture, especially as we age. As you jump and bounce on the rebounder, you engage your core muscles, practice your balance, and improve your posture. To get a full extension out of your jumping experience, I recommend you put your hands in the air while jumping!

3.    It supports joint and bone health 

Rebounding has less impact on the joints, bones, and soft tissue due to how much a rebounder absorbs most of the impact at every bounce. This means that you can naturally reduce joint pain and injuries that come with running and other high impact sports. The best part is you get a superb “runner’s high,” without the painful runner’s knees!

Did you know that Astronauts used rebounding to regain the bone density lost while in space due to lack of gravity? If it works for astronauts, it can work for us.

4.    It helps in weight loss

Rebounding burns more calories than walking or jogging, and at a moderate pace, it allows you to breathe comfortably throughout the workout, without stressing your metabolism. The gentle detox that happens during lymphatic fluid drainage also encourages fat loss.

5.    It improves the cardiovascular system and cells.

Rebounding can provide the benefits of an aerobic workout by strengthening the heart. The energy required to exercise on the rebounder is significantly greater than running, thus requiring the heart to work harder. As your heart rate increases, more oxygen reaches your body’s cells, giving you the ability to exercise more efficiently. Also, more oxygen is likely to reach the cells than with regular workouts due to the changes in gravity.

So Many More Health and Fitness Benefits

Alongside these benefits, rebounding increases strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation. Rebounding helps reduce allergies, prevents diabetes, aids in strengthening the pelvic floor, prevents edema, and improves back pain. Best of all a rebounder is easier to manage than bulky and expensive treadmills or elliptical machines.

Are you sold on rebounding? If you want to purchase a rebounder that you will have for life, this is my favorite model.

Repurpose and budgeting tip: If you’re not sure about rebounding or purchasing a new one is not in your budget, you can often find lightly used rebounders at your local used sports equipment store such as Play It Again Sports. When purchasing used be sure to check all the coils and threading. Avoid any that have rusty or missing springs, or tears in the fabric. I recommend that you test it out to a full song. You don’t want a stiff crusty one or one that feels like it might let your feet hit the ground. Quality is extremely important when it comes to purchasing a rebounder.

Who else uses rebounding?

Some familiar health gurus, celebrities, and entrepreneurs use rebounders daily like David Wolfe, Tony Robbins, Cher, Jack LaLanne, Carrie Underwood, Jordin Sparks, Vivaca A. Fox, Julianne Hough, Amanda Bynes, Megan Fox, PINK, Britney Spears, and Demi Lovato.

Why I love rebounding!

I like rebounding because I can do it anywhere at any time. I purchased the fold-up option, so it goes with me on trips. This way I can get my favorite workout wherever I go. My favorite part of rebounding is that I can’t be in a bad mood or feel funky when I’m jumping to my favorite song. It’s my instant happiness fitness tool!

Rebounding For Singers

I typically jump every single day. I make sure to rebound just ahead of going into the studio. It frees up any tension in my upper chest, shoulders, neck, and vocal cords. I love the warmth it lends to my whole body as I head into the studio. Many studios have either the air-conditioner or heater blasting at all times, and having my body temperature in check helps me stay comfy in the icy or sweaty vocal booths. It’s also great exercise to do while listening to my production mixes, or to my favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks, or song ideas.

Listen To Music and Jump

Rebounding feels like a dance party in my house or in the studio. I put on a timer and start jumping, and before I know it, my allotted time for exercising is up. I’ll jump, dance, sing and get all my energy moving on the rebounder. It helps if you have some upbeat, high-intensity songs ready so they keep you jumping. Here’s my current favorite rebounding playlist on Spotify.

Rebounding Party Playlist

Thanks for reading, now let’s get jumping!

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