The EmPOWERment Couple Podcast: Questions In A Hat- Meet Mikey & Zuri

It’s our podcast launch day at I Am Zuri! To kick this party off, we dedicated our first teaser episode to answer some of your best questions about love, life, and spiritual growth, put them in a hat, and answered them without restraint. Listen to the teaser here on Spotify!

Join The EmPOWERment Couple, and listen in on Zuri and Mikey Star’s juicy facts, wild discussions, must-have hacks, and certified solutions to co-create a life of happiness and purpose. The weekly episodes will feature topics designed to empower you to make impactful and informed decisions, in order to gain absolute clarity to master your life. Take a peek behind the scenes into our crazy lives, featuring hilariously raw conversations between themselves and with guest experts who embody living a most beautiful life. We invite you to share, subscribe, and give The EmPOWERment Couple Podcast a review. If you’d like to be included in our next round of “Questions In A Hat” please DM us, leave us a comment or email us at

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