The Social Pulse: Video, Video and more Video

If you’re NOT using video on social media, we have one question for you, why?

Video is the new black.

With all the platforms looking to compete with YouTube these days, using video for your marketing is key. Influencer marketing is on the rise and Instagram is the platform that is still rocketing to the top. And guess what Instagram just added into the mix? You guessed it, more video options. This time the new option is LONGER videos. From highlight videos, stories, live videos, to new long videos.

Instagram addicts rejoice! App could today launch a feature that will let you post videos that are an HOUR long in an effort to take on YouTube

Instagram already allows users to stream live video for up to an hour.
Until now, the limit for non-broadcast clips has been set to 60 seconds.
According to a leaked screenshot of IGTV from serial tipster Matt Navarra, Instagram will now allow 60-minute video clips in resolution up to 4K UHD.

Facebook Opens Up Facebook Watch to More Creators, Increasing Video Focus

As Facebook continues to advance its video efforts, this week, the platform has made some of its most significant announcements on this front to date.
This far, Facebook Watch has been comprised of videos from approved publishers and partners, restricted to specific, episodic content, including the most recent addition of exclusive news programming.

Facebook’s Adding New Interactive Video Features, Including a HQ Trivia-Style Quiz Option

Facebook’s on a mission to dominate online video. Well really, to dominate the online sphere more broadly, but video, specifically, has become a key focus. But beating out YouTube and Netflix for digital viewing supremacy is going to be tough, and Facebook will likely need some new tricks, and maybe even a new angle, to truly compete.
Their latest video initiatives move in that direction, while also issuing a challenge to newer trendsetters in the space. This week, Facebook has announced a new set of interactive video features, designed to make video on Facebook more active – like engaging with a studio audience – as opposed to less psychologically beneficial passive consumption.


Content creator, influencer, deoxyribonucleic acid: these are just a few of the newfangled terms being thrown around willy-nilly with these days by marketers and sane folks alike. There comes a point, however, at which we must take a step back and ask what exactly it all means.
So in the spirit of clarity, here’s how to tell whether you are an Influencer, a Content Creator, or neither. And as for the skeptics who feel the distinction is meaningless, keep in mind that the Influencer industry is expected to swell to $5-10 billion a year by 2023. Whether you’re going to be on the buying or selling side of the equation, it’s important to get your terms right.

Instagram’s Popularity Keeps Rising
Facebook’s (FB) photo and video sharing platform, Instagram, is rapidly growing and has an active advertiser base of around 2 million, which doubled in just five months. In fact, according to one Wall Street analyst, Instagram is likely to contribute a significant chunk to Facebook’s advertising revenue, which relies mostly on advertising growth. According to Andy Hargreaves of KeyBanc Capital Markets, Instagram could push the company’s advertising revenues to $8.9 billion in 2018. Hargreaves said Instagram is expected to bring around $22 billion in ad sales in 2020 and would make up 26% of Facebook’s total ad revenue by 2020.

How Influencers Are Creating Personalized Covers For Instagram Story Highlights

Whenever Instagram releases a new feature, a common pattern occurs: Users play with said feature; someone adopts a stylish approach; and other people catch on and imitate it until it goes mainstream.
This is the process that’s beginning to happen with Stories Highlights, a tool Instagram launched this past December that lets you save past Stories to your profile. Many users categorize these Highlights: There might be one collection of food-related Stories posts, another for shopping, and a third for travel. For each Highlight, you have an option to select a cover image, which will appear on your profile, in a small circle above your feed posts.

Could this be the end of Facebook controlling news?

Has social media – that ad-guzzling tyrant of a teenager – reached a turning point on the way to adulthood? Scandals over electoral fraud and misuse of data appear, for the first time, to be affecting the behavior of Facebook and those who use it.
Journalists love to announce a watershed moment and the relationship between those who produce most of the world’s news, and those who host it online, is still as fractious as that between parent and teenage child. But two hefty reports last week show signs of a shift. First, the Reuters Institute digital news report found that the use of social media – such as Facebook – for news has started to fall for the first time since records began seven years ago. Then, the latest study by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism found that social media groups themselves were responding to evidence of dysfunction, not by citing market forces but with “civic duty and fear of regulation”.

Healthy eating is on the rise thanks to social media, says vegan influencer

And for us vegans, social media has been something of a lifesaver. Whereas once, you’d have to schlep to health food stores to find new products or resign yourself to eating the same tired dishes day in, day out, these days news of new plant-based launches and recipes spreads like wildfire online.

Instagram Rolls Out ‘@Mention Sharing’, a New Way Share Stories Content

“When someone mentions you in their story, you receive a notification in your Direct message thread with that person – now, you’ll see an option to add that content to your own story. Tap it to see that story as a sticker – you can scale, rotate and position it and add creative tools like text or stickers on to it as well.”

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