Social Pulse: Algorithms And Being Social

Algorithms, shm-algorithms. That’s hashtag #getoverit #letstrysomethingelse #ffs

It’s true the skewed algorithms definitely CAN stink unless you’re willing to navigate around them. Many of us remember the glory days of 10,000 shares, over 80% of your OWN audience reached without a dime spent, thousands of likes, and comments, and millions of impressions daily. We all loved those numbers, but those days are gone. That excitement in how many people liked our page that day isn’t where most of us are focused, and instead many of the new media marketers started becoming advertisers. Most of us knew social media would change, after all, we left MySpace for Facebook so like in life, change is the only thing you can truly count on. But, I have a proposition for all social media marketers and casual users.

What if we all went back to the roots of social media?

Did I lose you? Roots? What? Stick with me, what if we put up content solely for the purpose of being social? What do I mean when I say that? What if we put up content that we feel offered value to the world without the expectation of what we used to see on a Facebook post in return, and rather celebrated the social aspect. What I’m referring to is referred to as engagement. Engagement is the new growth-measuring tool. Engagement is just being social. Engagement shows that people care about you, your content or your brand. Are you engaging with those people who are taking time to engage with you? If not, it’s time to ask yourself WHY? Why did you stop being social? Reply to some comments, go live on Instagram with some of your fans or customers. BE SOCIAL, and stop shouting at people and hoping that you’ll get some social proof out of a post. It’s truly time to get social and navigate around the algorithm with great content and live authentic engagements. Stop looking at the reach and go back to getting to know your customers, your fans, your followers. And even though this gets overused, please be authentic otherwise we are doing social media a horrible disservice.

The future is here. Get into the video scene if you haven’t already. I started saying this in 2013 to clients and those that embraced it are thriving, while those that didn’t are stagnant and wondering why they aren’t benchmarking. Whether it’s episodic, short story-like content, live video, or pre-recorded video, this has to be in your plan on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

I’ve handpicked some articles to review. So there it is, you have the social pulse to review

Have fun being social. xo, Zuri

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