A Question That I Whisper To You

In the version of love that I subscribe to, we fall in love long before we meet the “ONE.” As a child, whenever I experienced wonder, awe, joy, or those uncontrollable giggles, my emotional heart logged those moments as, in love. Because of it, love feels like opening presents, playing chase, and finding where my parents hid the nice cookies.

A Question That I Whisper To You

A Poem by, The Phoetic

Do you remember?

You were five and found

A hidden kingdom in a grove of oranges.

I was there too,

A phantom in the flesh and juice

That trickled down your chin.

Do you remember?

You were old enough to touch

The silent terrain at the bottom of the pool.

I was there too,

Pressing against all of you

Till your eardrums felt thin.

Do you remember?

You were in fantasy

Discovering a sprinting horse’s might.

I was there too,

In the rhythm and rush that took you

So fast your mouth pulled to a grin.

Do you remember?

You were spring

And the ocean city watched you bloom.

I was there too,

Becoming who you became

Beautifully turbulent, like juice swirling in gin.

Do you remember?

You had crossed into dream

Your head warmly pressed on my chest.

I was there too,

Waiting for you to pull me through

So I can remember beginning again.


Original images taken with a Nikon 5300 of rain on my patio screen door

and of Zuri dancing on the beach in Cayucos, California.



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