Poem: The Small Spaces



A Poem by The Phoetic

The Small Spaces

I discovered her, in between

The formidable dawn

And the ceremonies of night,

Holding on to a bit of what I could,

A bit of what I shouldn’t.

There she was,

Quietly hiding her treasure.

Her name, a halo seen above the crowd,

And like a creature of the deep,

Attracted to the brightness of her chemistry,

I bumbled through to find her.

The brightness…

It burned my eyes

And now her image is on everything…

Like the dye of sun

On the dust baked desert earth.

She stamps her smile upon ideology of success,

My world now moves in her wake.

And like an addict,

I seek the treasure

She’s hidden inside…

The crimson red laugher of wine and within

The tone of spoon on crystal goblets, radiating in

The splendor of a fall leaf and a spring bud, waiting in

The anticipation of the first summer fruit and

The musk of an early winter rain, held within

The volume of her footprint in sand just before

The waves take it for it’s own and fluttering about

The sound of a hummingbird’s flight.

Inside the small spaces is where

Pieces of her are hidden

For me to find,

And treasure.

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