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Show Description:

Your New is Newly-New! Think of that first sip of coffee in the morning…can you taste it? Whether or not you got your perfect amount of sleep, that first sip signifies that your day is open to all possibilities and is officially NEW. The EmPOWERment Couple has shown up today to celebrate who you are today. Like the power of a strong cup of joe, the power of NEW will grant you full command of all the possibilities that the rest of the year will bring.

To celebrate this newness we will experience:

  • The secret powers of the word NEW
  • The powerful energy of being new to unlock joy and happiness
  • How old thoughts and patterns keep us perpetually in the past or future
  • Using yesterday’s crap to fertilize today’s growth
  • Getting into the habit of being new, everyday

You live in a new age, in a new year, in a new day, and in a new body! What more do you need to live like you are brand new? The EmPOWERment Couple uses every bit of their NEWNESS to serve you new love, wrapped up nicely as the new present. Open, enjoy and share the love of being new.

Show Blog:

We are officially in the infant stage of 2021. We are brand new beings well equipped to saunter into the new year, free and clear of last year’s baggage. All we need to do now is to serve love to all who want it and especially to those who need it. 

So, Free and clear…what does this mean?  It means that today, right now, at this very second, everyone has the ability to be brand new simply by acknowledging the fact that nothing happens in the past or the future. Once you agree to be free and clear of yesterday’s negativity, you can bask in the new energy of today, and look forward to the positive energy waiting for you tomorrow. 

Let’s look at the word new. As words go, the word new is loaded with interesting attributes. New is a 3 letter word. The # 3 is a sacred number for anyone tuned into mathematics and spirituality. 

Aside from it being a three-letter word, it is also a emordnilap. 

A emordnilap is a word such as dog, that spells a different word when the letters are reversed. So dog backward becomes, god. The word new spelled backward becomes wen, which is pretty gross. Basically, a wen is an unusual skin growth such as a blister or a bug bite. A little bit more on the word geek front, the word emordnilap is an emordnilap. Spelled backward, it becomes palindrome which is a word that is the same whether is spelled forward or backward such as the word, mom.

New is a 3 letter word, and an emordnilap, but did you know that the word New is also an adjective, an adverb, and a noun? In doing some research for this episode, we came across an article where the writer created a list of words such as new, that are an adjective, and adverb, and a noun. 

And as I read through her list, which was about 60 words long, I received a download from the universe. Following this download, we decided to break down the word NEW, and how it applies to your life, based on whether you use it as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb. 

Quick English Review:

  • Nouns are words that describe a person, place, or thing.
  • Adjectives are words that describe nouns
  • Adverbs are words or phrases that modifies or qualifies an adjective, verb, or other adverbs.

New As A Noun:

 We suggest that you take a moment to declare to the universe, who you are right now! Repeat after me…I AM NEW! A new person, in a new place, doing a new thing.

Yes, you are new! 

Sure, you can look at yourself in the mirror and see the same face looking back at you that you’ve seen a million times before. You can put on new clothes, change your hair cut, and develop a new look, but you are still you….right?

Well, as in life, your body is constantly changing. And when we say changing, what we really mean is renewing. According to researchers, the body replaces itself with a largely new set of cells every 7 to 10 years, and some of our most important parts are revamped even more rapidly. It doesn’t happen all at once, where on year 7, there is a great ZAP, and all of a sudden, you have a cellularly new body. Again, as in life, things take time, and they go in cycles. 

In our research, we discovered some facts about how often your body is renewing itself. If you are struggling with the thought that you’ll never change, check this out: 

  • Hippocampal neurons in your brain are replaced every 20-30 years
  • Your internal intestinal cells are replaced every 16 years
  • Intercostal muscle cells are replaced every 15 years
  • Your skeleton and fat storage cells are replaced every 10 years
  • Heart endothelial cells are replaced every 6 years
  • Liver cells are replaced every 300-500 days
  • Red blood cells are replaced every 120 days
  • Skin cells are replaced every 39 days
  • Intestinal epithelial cells are replaced every 5 days
  • The cells that make up your hair and nails are constantly renewing themselves 

What do all these biological facts mean? 

  • It means that you are renewed regularly.
  • It means that because you are different than you were yesterday, you always have a chance to change any aspect of your life.
  • It means that the only thing linking the old you and the new you, are old thoughts and old habits.

Some of us have grasped this fact already and are living their most beautiful life. Some of us still seem to travel through life stuck in ruts and negative patterns. Some wait to experience happiness and joy until they have achieved a certain goal, or gotten out of a bad situation. 

Oftentimes, however, once they achieve that goal, or have transcended a bad situation, they once again offset their happiness and joy for another goal or find themselves finding fault in whatever current situation they are in. 

Happiness and joy, along with self-love, self-acceptance, and abundance, are available right now. The opportunity to focus on the positives and accept the negatives, knowing that everything changes, is available right now. You don’t need to change anything aside from the tendency to postpone happiness for another time and date. 

You don’t need an excuse to be happy and loved, but if you did, today is the day to do it. Why, because today, you are brand new. Your body’s cellular makeup is different than it was yesterday. The year is still new, we are on the other side of the great conjunction that we discussed as our last episode of season one called when stars align, so what are you waiting for, be NEW now. 

New As An Adjective:

Let the word new, be your new descriptor. 

We suggest that you take a moment to realize that you exist in a brand new day, in a new year, and therefore you should allow yourself to be a new person.

What type of new person are you? 

We are not saying that you can simply forget about your past and poof, it’s gone. As discussed in our Universal Laws episode, most laws prohibit such actions to a degree. But, you can change your present which changes your future, and in order to do so, you must do something different than you did in the past. Declare yourself as the new you and allow yourself to change into a new woman, a new man, a new parent, partner, boss, employee, entrepreneur, or just a new being.

Everything changes and change is difficult. The positive is that changing into someone new is easier than it seems. We spoke about how to pivot in life in season one. 

During that episode, we chatted about identifying where we need to change and who we need to become for that pivoting process to be successful. It could be that you pivot in your career path, in a relationship, or in a choice of lifestyles. Regardless, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade and pivot to becoming a new you. 

Aside from simply allowing yourself to be new, the fastest way to a new you is through a new habit. So, think of a new habit that you can adopt today, to support the new you.

Habits do not need to be huge life-changing events. They are oftentimes quite small, and yet, they still manage to lead to life-changing events. 

If habits are hard for you and you need guidance we are launching a NEW habits course this year and we will share that here once it’s open for enrollment. This particular course we’ve been working on for several years and it’s getting better and better as we become newer versions of ourselves. When we change we can bring in the new with us.. everything is always changing and so are we.

By saying everything changes, we must also agree that nothing stays the same. At one point, every rock on planet Earth was molten lava, and before it was molten lava, I may have been part of another planet combined with part of an exploding star. So, something new always comes from something old.

  • If you are tired of your old living room, get a new houseplant or piece of art and within seconds, the energy in your room is new.
  • If you are sick of breathing old air, get a new air purifier. As always, we will recommend the Intellepure system designed to clean your home’s air of viruses, bacteria, pollutants, industrial toxicants, and allergens.  Get 10% off any Intellipure device using this link & code: Zuri
  • If you want a new body, eat new food. We will continue to recommend trying Thrive Market. It’s a great place to get hard to find organic, vegan, gluten-free, and fair trade food delivered to your door. You can even subscribe for certain staples as we do so we aren’t rushing to the store or several stores to keep our pantry stocked.  Get  25% Off + Free 30-Day Trial with this link
  • Another idea is to take a new way home from school or work to surprise the new you. 
  • Find and make a new recipe that supports the new you.
  • Treat the new you to a nice massage.
  • Be spontaneous and wild, be silly, and laugh out loud. If anyone asks what’s wrong with you, blame it on the new you. 

New As An Adverb:

If you are a human being, living on this planet, during this millennia, you have gone through some shit. You may have gone through some health-related shit, money related shit, relationship, spiritual, religious, political, or just some good old fashion random shit, you have gone through it. But, nature makes use of everything. Nothing goes to waste. This includes shit. Shit makes for great fertilizer. Therefore you may use new as an adverb and say aloud, I am a newly fertilized seed. You have sprouted and by design, you are intended to grow and give your gifts to the world. 

 If you are still going through some shit, just know that once you are through it, you will be primed to grow bigger than you are now! Because any farmer or Gardner knows that growing food required good fertilizer. We need struggle and contrast to make for deep roots, resilience is built from breaking through resistance. If you e resistant is your demon then use our podcast episode from season one- resistance into resilience.

If you are newly alone, newly divorced, newly unemployed, celebrate the newly given opportunities to grow in different directions.

If you are newly hitched, newly happy, newly wealthy, then celebrate the newly gained victory that brought you here. 

If you are a newly anointed parent, celebrate the newly reduced amount of sleep that you receive in the coming years.

Here is a newly formed list of mantras to try on. 

  • I am a newly upgraded soul
  • I enjoy a newly opened heart
  • I am newly magnetized for money and success
  • I have a newly formed love for life
  • I am a newly sown seed, ripe for opportunity 
  • I have newly wakened gifts that need to be expressed

So, to summarize, you are new. You made it through 2020. Cue bells and whistles! While you are celebrating, here are some random bits of newness for your newly fertilized self.

Let new be a state of mind. 

Let new be a way of living.

Let new be how you love.

Let new be the definition of your path.

Let yourself be new.

Renew your health.

Renew your relationships.

Renew your zest for life and adventure.

Do something new for yourself today.

Find a new way to express your gifts.

Look for evidence that you are creating a new life.

Be new.

Whichever way you embrace all the newness that is floating around, do so with love in your heart. Share this new love with the world. Spread the new. Shout out what’s new. You are a newly renewed soul, so feel the new.

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