We’re Voting For You

Episode 28 is here!

Show Description:

Election Day is Every Day. You may be voting soon, or have just voted? This show IS NOT about who or what you will vote for in the coming political elections. This show is about the other votes that you cast hundreds of times a day. The EmPOWERment Couple is casting their vote for you! We believe in you and your ability to vote for a future with your thoughts, actions, money, time and energy. Yes, you are a voting machine, capable of bringing about a future where abundance is had by all.

In this campaign, we will highlight:

  • How your vote has an energetic charge
  • What you vote for by your actions
  • How you may be voting for a future you don’t want
  • FAQ about our manifesting course, HOLD THE VIBE

Step into the voting booth, be it your shopping cart, your television, phone or tablet, or your closet. It’s time to vote for the one who matters most…YOU. The EmPOWERment Couple approves this message, paid for by love and happiness.

The show blog is coming soon.

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