How To Turn Resistance Into Resilience

Episode 25 is here!

Show Description:

Manifesting has an evil nemesis. It is a dark force designed to pull when you need a push, exists to hold you back when you need to set yourself free, and desires you to stay small when it’s time to go big! We are talking about RESISTANCE, and the EmPOWERment Couple is showing up to help you tame this beast. Resistance teaches us how to be resilient, but only if you are aware of its presence and its power. 

In order to resist resistance, this episode will cover:

  • What is resistance is?
  • How to recognize resistance.  
  • Why it’s causing you to not get what you want.
  • How to overcome resistance and create an abundant life.
  • Our love-filled solution that will guide you to being resistance-proof.

Get charged, get pumped, and get-to-stepping, toward a life of getting what you want. Resiliency is a muscle that is only developed when you work through resistance, and The EmPOWERment Couple got your workout routine right here.  

Show blog coming soon.

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