Guided Body Scan Meditation And The Benefits of Body Scanning

Listen in as Expansion Coach, Mikey Star guides you in a body scan meditation on our podcast The EmPOWERment Couple here.

Benefits of Body Scanning

There are many benefits to performing a Meditative Body Scan. Like regular meditation, practicing regular body scans, develop one’s ability to build awareness. Where meditative practices such as mindful meditation focuses its energy on developing heightened levels of mental and spiritual consciousness, body scanning develops heightened levels of body awareness.

The practice of body scanning allows you to connect with the various sensations that your body is experiencing in the moment. Sensations are your body’s way of communicating with your thinking mind, they are your body’s language, as words are your thinking mind’s language. Examples of body sensations are throbbing, tingling, tightness, heat or cold, buzzing, twitching, pulsing, itching, and numbness. There are many more sensations that the body experiences, some are pleasurable and some are not. The key is to connect with the sensation or sensations that you are experiencing so that you can gather the information they are attempting to convey.

It is important to accept any sensations you feel. Again, they are your body’s way of speaking to you. If you reject them or try to cover them up, you are missing the opportunity to develop positive communication between your thinking mind and your body. Most of the time, when our body is out of harmony, our mind will respond to negative communication. Negative communication takes the form of a symptom like an ache or pain, affecting one or more of the various systems of the body such as the nervous, digestive, circulatory, lymphatic, and reproductive systems. During a body scan, our mind asks the body where it is out of harmony and is experiencing dis-ease, and listens to the body’s response.

If this is your first time practicing a body scan, after you finish, record as much information as you can in a journal or mobile app. Once you develop a regular practice, you can then record the information you have collected, and compare it with previous body scans. The more you practice this technique, the more body data you will have at your disposal to detect both positive and negative changes and patterns. Share this information with your medical practitioner so that together you can determine the best mode of healing. Body scanning should be used in conjunction with professional medical attention and should not be used in replacement of medical attention. Please seek medical attention if you are experiencing pain or discomfort.

The energy that created your body and allowed it to grow, is the same energy that can be used to heal and strengthen your body. You must master this energy, and in order to do so, you must develop an awareness of this energy. With regular practice, you can learn how to use your own personal energy to nurture your physical body to become the beautiful you.

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