Valentine’s Day: Healthier Candy Alternatives

Did you know American’s spent $19.7 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day in 2016? $1.76 billion dollars was spent on Valentine’s Day candy alone. This same study showed only a little over half of Americans actually participate in celebrating the day, yet look at those numbers.

The good news is people are celebrating love. The not so good news is that people are spending a lot of money on junk food that is leading to diabetes, obesity, heart disease and countless allergies and auto-immune diseases. The majority of the Valentine’s Day candy and baked goods are riddled with toxic substances like synthetics, trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. But, don’t fret, here at I Am Zuri, we are all about solutions and not just scaring the pants off of you with scary information. We believe in order to enhance your life you’re going to need information and solutions.

Here’s the solution! There are plenty of healthy alternatives when it comes to Valentine’s Day sweets.

Here’s a quick guide on what we recommend choosing for your special Valentine’s. The best part is most of these yummy treats can be found at your local Target or grocery store. Some of them are a bit harder and require you to go to Whole Foods or a local health food store, but I hope you’re adding that to your regular rotation anyway. Pick your favorites and share them with me in the comment section.

Here is my favorite EASY recipe to make for Valentine’s Day. You can pair it with ice cream, home-made whip cream or just some fresh berries. It rivals the fancy hot lava cakes I get at my favorite spots to dine.






Regardless of how you celebrate this day of love, we hope we’ve inspired you to stay away from the very scary Valentine’s Day candy aisle this year and choose something that not only tastes good but keeps you feeling good too.

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