Organic Cucumber & Mint Raita

Creator: I Am Zuri Prep Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 15 minutes Serving: 4 servings   Ingredients: 1 teaspoon organic cumin seeds 1 red organic onion cut in crescents 2 cups plain organic [...]

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Organic Nicoise Salad

Creator: I Am Zuri Prep Time: 15 minutes Cook Time: 35 minutes Total Time: 50 minutes Serving: 4 servings Salad Ingredients: 1 wild caught tuna steak (or sub with 1 cup cooked and seasoned tempeh [...]

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Organic Kebobs

Creator: I Am Zuri Prep Time: 40 minutes (unless you have friends to help you skewer) Cook Time: 15-20 minutes (depending on flame and ingredients) Total Time: 1 hour Serving: 6 Ingredients: Wild [...]

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A GMO Labeling Law Story

Many of you may have heard about the Vermont GMO labeling law that passed two years ago and taking effect this week, but not many can tell you how it started and why we are celebrating a victory [...]

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Organic Superfood Popcorn

Creator: I Am Zuri Prep Time: 5 min Cook Time: 5 min Total Time: 10 min Serving: 4-5 Ingredients: Organic popcorn Organic coconut oil Organic Nutritional Gluten-Free Brewer’s Yeast Organic Butter [...]

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