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Out of the 4 elements that the human body needs to survive off of, the element of air is supreme. We can go a few weeks without food and a few days without water, but we can go no further than a minute or two without breathing. What is incredible about breathing, is all of the health benefits that are inherent with the simple practice of inhaling and exhaling. And best of all, not only can consciously breathing significantly improve your health, but it can do so for free. For those of you who are waiting to exhale, the EmPOWERment Couple is here to show you how it is done, with fun.

In this episode, we are going to breathe light on:

  • The science-backed benefits of taking a deep breath
  • How to take deep breaths and avoid shallow breathing
  • The importance of breathing clean air.
  • A demonstration of two types of breathing exercises
  • Share how we dealt with air poor quality, indoor toxins, allergens, and the products we recommend to help you achieve your best deep breath.

We got the tools, we got the tricks and we got the facts that you need to inhale happiness and exhale gratitude. All you gotta do is listen and breathe.

Show Blog:

When was the last time you took a deep happy breath? If you’re alive right now, and I’m guessing you are because you’re listening to us, put your hand on your heart and say the words, “thank you” as you inhale. Breathe in your gratitude and it will instantly improve your mood. Oftentimes, we are searching everywhere for the next thing to make us feel relaxed and “happy,” grabbing for a glass of wine or a cigarette or some pill, but we are already wired with everything we need to fulfill our desire to relax. As newborns, we enter the world by inhaling. In leaving, we exhale. Your choice to breathe deeply will enhance your life in so many ways and that’s exactly what this episode is about.

Breathing deeply is free medicine that everyone has access to. While it’s no secret that the world around us is shifting and it may seem that we all are in a different time right now, we need to reprogram our minds and bodies to keep up. This is why we created our free medicine series.

It may seem that staying healthy is an expensive venture due to medical bills. And while there’s a financial frenzy happening about our health, there’s not a lot of programming that supports creating positive habits that can keep us healthy for free. I am pretty sure you can guess why, but we will spell it out for you:


There is a lot of money being made of sick care, and products that make you sick. The media has made people believe that certain things like junk food, for example, is cheap and convenient so everyone should eat it and they’ve led people to believe that only the rich can afford to be healthy. While there is some truth to access and affordability, we like to share hacks for doing this all on a budget so it’s not only accessible but it’s free. It may require you to make some changes but that’s why we coach people on expansion and lifestyle because we’ve figured it out for you. And we offer it here on the podcast for FREE.

In our free medicine series we have covered:

Fun medicine, sleep medicine, sex medicine, Om medicine, lymphasizing, love gardening, forgiveness, touch medicine, laughter medicine, and now inhaling happiness. If you haven’t tuned into the podcast, you’re missing some free medicine. Tune in every Thursday for our latest dose of love served up with some laughter entertainment and education

In This Episode, We Are Going To Highlight:

  • The science-backed benefits of taking a deep breath
  • How to take deep breaths and avoid shallow breathing
  • The importance of breathing clean air.
  • A demonstration of two types of breathing exercises
  • Our experiments with air quality, allergens, stress reduction, pain management, and the products we recommend to help you achieve your best deep breath.

The science behind taking a healthy breath:

Breathing makes the body alkaline You’ve probably heard people say, hey just take a deep breath in an effort to calm you down. And that’s exactly what breathing deeply does, it calms your entire nervous system. In addition to the fact that a deep deliberate breath reduces anxiety and brings you into the present moment through mindfulness, there are so many other benefits we uncovered.

8 science-backed benefits of taking a deep breath:

  1. Deep breathing decreases stress
  2. Deep breathing relieves pain.
  3. Deep breathing stimulates the lymphatic system (Detoxifies the body)
  4. Deep breathing improves immunity.
  5. Deep breathing increases energy.
  6. Deep breathing lowers blood pressure.
  7. Deep breathing improves digestion.
  8. Deep breathing helps support correct posture.

Using deliberate breathing to cure anxiety and improve digestion:

If you choose to deliberately breathe deeply to manage anxiety or heal yourself here are a few more things to consider. When eliciting the relaxation response through breathing, your body will naturally relax your muscles, blood pressure will decrease, and your body ends the fight or flight.

Let’s face it, if we know that 70% of our immune system is in our gut then we have to take our digestive health seriously. Deep breathing helps improve digestion, aids in weight loss, and balances the hormones. Start by taking three deep breaths just before having a meal. This habit will not only aid in digestion but also prevents acidity and overeating. It will also make your conscious to tap into your taste buds and eat slower so you taste the food. Deep breathing after a meal is also good or even better a walk around the block or some good comedy to get that air pumping in and out of your body.

Breathing Techniques For Parents and Children:

The news alone can make anyone anxious and if you’re a parent, your anxiety will trickle down to your little ones. In order for you to break the cycle of anxiety, here are some deep breathing activities to do with your little one.

  • Blowing bubbles requires a deep inhale and exhale.
  • Tickle wars to create laughter and excited breathing
  • Tell jokes which produces laughter and laughter creates deep belly breathing
  • Blowing on a pinwheel or papercraft requires a deep inhale and exhale to move the object.
  • Use a stuffed animal while practicing belly breathing and have the child move the animal up and down on their inhalation and exhalation.

5 Crazy Breathing Facts:

When we research a topic we always come across some crazy facts. In this case, we found 5 that must be shared.

  1. The average person breathes in the equivalent of 13 pints of air every minute and takes 17,000 breaths per day.
  2.  Our lungs exhale almost half a liter (0.42 L) of water every single day. Factor this number into your hydration requirements.
  3. The lungs are the biggest waste removal engine in the body, accounting for the removal of 70% of body waste in the form of carbon dioxide in the air we exhale.
  4. Your emotions change the way you breathe. Research has shown that our breathing pattern can influence the emotion we experience.
  5. Our lungs are the size of a tennis court. If the lungs were opened flat they would be so big that they would cover the size of a tennis court!

The importance of breathing clean air.

It’s no secret our air quality outside is inundated with pollution. What many don’t consider is that some of the most harmful air can be found inside your home. The problem is that many of our indoor areas have little to no ventilation, and therefore are more susceptible to trapping pollutants. Once these tiny microbe sized particles are inhaled, they can have numerous and diverse effects on our health. Dust is a particle more commonly found in our homes than outside of them. The problem with dust is that it acts as a magnet to bacteria, viruses, and dust mites, all of which can lead to allergic reactions and serious health complications, and flu viral infections.

Officials from the World Health Organization state that air pollution is the ‘new tobacco,’ warning that the simple act of breathing, is killing 7 million people a year and harming billions more. Additionally, air pollution contributes to 1 in 9 deaths globally. Luckily, there are ways of reducing indoor air quality issues. One is to stop using toxic chemicals to clean your home.

We solve this problem in two ways:
1. One by offering all of our Pod Fam a discount on a product called Branch Basics. You can get 10% off starter kits using the link in our show notes and code “Zuri”.

2. Investing in a high-quality air purifier that can remove airborne toxicants in your home is your best defense against all airborne pollutants. We recommend the Intellipure and we are going to dive deep into that today along with offering you a discount link here and 10% off using code “Zuri.”

We want to share our experiments with air quality, allergens, smoke from fires, stress reduction, pain management, and the product we recommend to help you achieve your healthiest deep breath. Out of all the systems in the body, the respiratory system is the easiest system to manipulate. So, let’s use that knowledge to create health and wellness in our body now.

Circling back to air purification, we’ve come up with eight science-backed reasons everyone needs an air purifier along with our top pick, the Intellipure, including the benefits that we’re experiencing since partnering. As with all of our affiliates, they don’t charge our Podfam any more for the product, but they give you a discount and we earn a commission for your purchase. This helps us stay ad-free on our website and our podcast and sustains our commitment to serving you love in our free medicine series and episodes like this one. To keep our indoor air clean of harmful air particles, viruses, mold spores, remove trapped pollutants, and support a healthy immune system, you need an air purifier. Get an Intellipure today!

Three Types of Air Pollution:

There are different types of air pollution however they all have one thing in common. They’re a health hazard. Today we want to highlight how air purifiers improve our health in the following three categories: allergens, smoke, and viruses. Because we all breathe in air and what science has shown us is you are what you breathe.

If you don’t filter the air you breathe, you become the filter.


We shared how our friend with an animal dander allergy was able to come over once we installed air purifiers in our home on our blog here. Just this past week we had a friend with us for a week at our home who is very allergic to cats. We have three cute but very furry beasts that have zero boundaries when it comes to cuddling strangers. She was able to be in our house for the week and only sneezed once. We all discussed that she likely was able to be in the house because of the Intellipure devices we have around the house. She was interested in getting a cat after she left and we strongly advised that if she was going to make that commitment to invest in an Intellipure.

The latest test for the device was when we went to a friend’s lake cabin that was built in 1920 so naturally, it has some mold, dust, and allergy-producing responses. Zuri typically can handle dust fine but she’s highly sensitive to mold. It could have been a moldy piece of wood that was burned in the fireplace or an old book that she was near that had mold spores, whatever it was, kept her awake all night with a bucket full of mucous and a horrific headache for two days. It was so bad that we decided to cut our trip in half and come home for a night.

She was so bummed about missing out on our friends that we decided to go back and sleep in the sunroom of the cabin with one of our Intellipure machines on full blast. The smaller machines are easy to carry or travel with so we tried it. We turned it on about three hours before it was time to sleep and thankfully she slept great. She didn’t have that choking feeling or mucous response. She was able to breathe in deep and relax to sleep. We also noticed with the Intellipure in our own home that Zuri was no longer getting a headache once a month. They just disappeared once we installed them. This obviously indicates that she was breathing an allergen that was bothering her system.

Smoke From Fires:

Both of us were born and raised in California so we are no stranger to forest fires and fire season. Our entire family except for Zuri’s Dad lives in California and many of them are in fire zones. Many of the communities we have lived in have caught on fire or no longer exist. During the fire season, we would escape to the beach just to breathe some fresh air. Inhaling harmful smoke can inflame your lungs and airway, causing them to swell and block oxygen. This can lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome and respiratory failure. Smoke inhalation commonly happens when you get trapped in a contained area near a fire. Unfortunately what we have learned is that smoke doesn’t just affect the immediate area, it can drift hundreds of miles away.

Last week we received an email from a person in California that purchased an Itellipure using our link and she wanted to share how it helped her. With her permission we will share a couple of sentences from her email, she states:

“I’ve always had to have an air purifier to filter out the junk from the neighboring farms, and for fire season but it wasn’t until I bought an Intellipure that I actually understood what they are supposed to do to the air in your home. I had a product that I purchased for the same amount of money but when I saw a comparison online of how much more efficient the Intellipure performed I bought one for my bedroom. The difference is night and day. I never wake up with congestion anymore and I think that the investment has allowed me to be more confident in working from home even during the smokiest time of the year.”

The video this Pod Fam member was referring to was this one featuring our friend Max who shows the drastic difference between the two machines she owns.

This probably goes without saying, but the opposite of deep healthy breathing is intentionally smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes contain an estimated 200 poisons and are one of the top indoor air pollutants. Studies show the harmful effects of smoking and inhaling second-hand smoke. However, studies also show that for smokers looking to give up smoking, practicing deep breathing exercises creates the calm sense a smoker gets from inhaling and exhaling the smoke.

Having an Intellipure would have come in handy when we lived in an apartment several years ago near Malibu and the neighbor smoked cigarettes all day and used glad plugins to cover it up. The venting systems are connected so we couldn’t turn on the air conditioning or the bathroom fan without smelling the neighbors smoke and glade plugin. If you’re in an apartment you are also breathing in what your neighbor is breathing in and out.


If you’re following Intellipure online or us on social media you’ll notice they are donating machines left and right to help stop the spread of viruses. They have tested their machines with previous viruses to ensure that this is a method of eliminating the virus from the air.

In fact, “Intellipure units were the first defense against H1N1, commonly known as the “swine flu,” which caused a pandemic around the world in 2009. The influenza virus is very contagious, easily spread, and can be potentially life-threatening. Other non-life-threatening symptoms related to the swine flu include pneumonia, lung infection, and breathing complications. The Intellipure Ultrafine 468 was tested in the Guangzhou Testing Center of Industrial Microbiology Lab for virus aerosol purification efficiency. Three trials were conducted; each trial was 60 minutes in duration. The results showed that in all three trials, the Intellipure Ultrafine 468 destroyed and eliminated the H1N1 virus at greater than 99.99% efficiency in less than 60 minutes.” Learn more on the Intellipure website here.

Naturally, we are looking to keep our homes safe during this time and this is another reason why we couldn’t do a healthy breathing episode without talking about a device that kills mold, viruses, and removes harmful indoor air particles from smoke, toxic cleaning products, and off-gassing furniture.

Soon after we performed our own tests, we partnered with Intellipure to ensure you get a great deal on a product we believe is crucial during these times. We are providing you with a discount link in the show and a code “Zuri” making it easier for you to make your home a safe place to sit back relax and inhale happiness. Part of inhaling happiness is doing so with confidence that you aren’t breathing in anything harmful. Learn more about this complex issue of air purification on our show blog where we display videos, comparisons, and source links about cleaning up your indoor air.

Demonstration of Two Types of Breathing Exercises:

Breathing exercises are a powerful free tool that helps synchronize your entire system under one rhythm. A typical deep breath requires you to inhale and expand your belly out, and exhale and allow your belly to collapse. This is how we naturally breathe but sometimes we end up doing the opposite if we’re wearing skinny jeans or stressed. We raise our shoulders when we inhale and relax them when we exhale. This is shallow breathing. The best way to practice this consciously is to lay on the floor and practice belly breathing. In singling lessons this is a tool to remind you how to take a singer’s breath and we also practice diaphragmatic breathing. Listen to the guided instruction for box breathing and alternate nostril breathing in the podcast episode.

Did you love this episode? Did you try the breathing techniques? Feel free to send us an email at to share. We love hearing from you and sharing in your happy healthy life improvements. It is the whole reason we show up to serve you love here every week.

The healthiest breath of air is going to come from you intentionally attaching breath to belief. You have more healing power than you know and more free medicine available than you’ve been programmed to believe. We want to help you unlearn and uncover the truth at a fast-track pace because the more people tap into their power the faster all of us can empower one another to live our most beautiful lives.

We love you and we are happy you tuned into inhaling some happiness with us today.

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