Why I Add MCT, Collagen and Ghee To My Coffee

In April 2017, I had a visit from my sister and my Dad and they are both coffee drinkers. I hadn’t had coffee since my freshman year of college. I would get an upset stomach about thirty minutes after consuming a cup of low-quality coffee with chemical-infused creamer. It’s likely that I was reacting to the additives in the creamer or the low-quality coffee but I felt jittery for an hour or more, then followed by an urgent bathroom visit, and followed by a mid-day crash.

This is embarrassing to admit but I also would get a donut and guess where I would buy this horrific breakfast from? My local Seven-Eleven store. Not, because I didn’t know better. I did. I was raised by an organic farmer after all, but I was in college and figuring things out the hard way. I also was working at night and trying to go to school during the day so my body was a wreck and my choices were fueled by a sleep-deprived brain and a lack of willpower that only 18-year olds can relate to. Whether it was the low-quality coffee, the creamer, the sugar, or the donut, my body rejected it every time. I still don’t eat donuts and coined them gut bombs because of my bad freshman year experiences. After a few times of rushing out of class to the bathroom, I gave up donuts and coffee for good or so I thought.

I had just come back from a conference where I was introduced to Bulletproof’s founder Dave Asprey. Mike and I watched his lecture and he spoke of his journey from being overweight and sick and how he came to be healthier with his bulletproof diet and biohacking. We were intrigued as all foodies would be but at that point, we were pescatarians and non-coffee drinkers. Mike picked up some Bulletproof coffee to start trying it out and he loved it. Even after watching Dave and now, Mike rave about it, I still was convinced that coffee wasn’t a good fit for my body. I have always loved the flavor of coffee but just assumed that I was a green tea drinker for life.

So here I was several years later making coffee for my visiting family and my sister asked why I didn’t have a cup. My sister has a way of getting me to do things, so I tried a small espresso shot of Bulletproof and added a little maple syrup and almond milk to it and the zing I got from that tiny amount was crazy. After my sister left I decided to try Dave’s version of coffee and added his brain octane oil, organic grass-fed ghee, and collagen powder. At the time we lived next to Erewhon market and they made Bulletproof coffee this way as well. It only took a few times trying it different ways to come up with my go-to coffee drink which was similar to Dave’s but with a couple of ingredients that made me a fan.

Cafe Mam is a certified organic and fair trade brand. Bulletproof claims to be but do not carry any third-party certifications. I am not affiliated with either company.

My coffee recipe plus the brands I use and trust for an upgraded cup of Joe.

1 espresso shot of organic coffee from my Moka Pot

1/2 tablespoon organic grass-fed ghee

1 tablespoon of organic MCT oil or Brain Octane

Organic maple syrup to taste

1 scoop collagen powder

You can purchase the exact products I use on Amazon using this image links below.

Disclaimer: This post includes Amazon affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

I also use Truvani Marine Collagen powder because it’s the best out there. You can get this product using this link but I am not affiliated with Truvani.


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