A Shadow Approaches

A Shadow Approaches
A Poem By, The Phoetic
I sit, twenty after four
The wink of a curser waits with me
My attention is drawn…
As a shadow approaches.
It is long, stretched by the setting sun
And I can tell, it was not right,
For the gait was all stiff and lacked purpose.
It’s the shadow’s fault why my words are sleepy, right?
So I squint, and tap my temple to turn something over
And moments before inspiration,
A shadow approaches.
And, as if it knew I was watching, it lingers just beyond.
It was missing grace and presence and so it was dismissed, sadly.
The imagined you passed by as my neighbors shuffled about
Throwing their shadows at my glass heart like stones.
My fingers continue to fall on junk lines and words meant for tomorrow
Today is taken by watching shadows.
And a shadow approaches.
It’s hair flows as if wrapped around butterflies,
Day’s light curves around you the way I would
And lover, my fingers flow and the verse is natural
And your shadow, cast by a far away sun
Stays with me way past dusk.
Original images taken with a Nikon 5300 of Zuri walking on the beach in Costa Rica, and of a building in New York City.

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