Zuri Star


CEO, Founder of I Am Zuri

Bio: The I Am Zuri Tribe is led by Zuri Star, who is a citizen activist and vocal advocate for environmental health, human rights, LGBT, social justice, animal rights, and the good food movement. Zuri is also a singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, mother, and a travel and culinary enthusiast.

Fun Fact: Zuri is obsessed with dance breaks and takes at least 3 or 4 per day. Good thing she works at home.



Michael Kanter Star

Michael Kanter Star Headshot

Co-Founder of I Am Zuri

Bio: Michael is a writer, culinary enthusiast, poet, photographer, father, and a certified yoga instructor with a passion to serve and a tendency to empower those around him.

Fun Fact: Mike brings his own tea canteen and cup to all occasions and it’s always the same type of tea, green-tea and ginseng.






Ricky Scott

IMG_7687 (2)

LOVER Tribe leader, Contributor to I Am Zuri

Bio: Ricky is an across the pond LOVER who has worked with Zuri on various projects for years. An enthusiastic and confident guy with a passion for social media, LGBT issues, music, with British wit. Ricky’s role with I Am Zuri is both as a contributor and he’s assisting Zuri in leading the Zuri Star LOVERS tribe.

Fun Fact: Talk to Ricky about the Simpsons and he simply won’t stop!








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