We Are Game For Foreplay

Season 2, Episode 17 is here!

Show Description:

Let it be known…Sex is not a one-act play! Despite what you heard, sex isn’t even the main event. As the anticipation of death can be worse than death itself, the prolonged anticipation of sex will set the stage for a mind-blowing final act…the almighty organism. The EmPOWERment Couple has pulled back the curtain on the secret to amazing sex and discovered that mastering sex begins in the mastery of foreplay. Ask yourself two questions:

  1. How would you rate your foreplay game?
  2. How would your partner rate your foreplay game?

In this seductive episode you will enjoy:

  • Understanding what constitutes foreplay
  • Learn the importance of foreplay
  • How to make foreplay successful
  • Sexual satisfaction and the importance it plays in a healthy relationship
  • Tips on how to initiate foreplay more often
  • 25 foreplay ideas to try right now

For most of us, the act of having sex or intercourse takes a few minutes. But the act of foreplay can take days, weeks even. So, don’t skip this process, don’t discount it, don’t rush through it — oh no! The EmPOWERment Couple suggests that you set the sexual stage by touching, teasing, and tantalizing your lover, and you just may receive a standing ovation, or better yet an encore!

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