Fantastic Fascia

Season 2, Episode 16 is here!

Show Description:

Wait a minute…did we just get a brand new system in the body? Nope, we have a digestive system, a circulatory, skeletal and reproductive system. But you might be asking, “what is a fascia system and why is it fantastic?” The EmPOWERment Couple is here to answer this often asked question. So no, we didn’t get a new system, we are however just now getting to know this fantastic system that we have had all along. And once you know what it is, and what it does, you can optimize your fascia’s ability to help you live your most beautiful life.

In this interconnective episode we will cover:

What fascia is and how it relates to our everyday health
Different types of fascia
We’ll cover fascial dysfunction
Types of treatment
What the Fascia-friendly foods are
How to improve your fascia to look and feel better for free
From head to toe, your fascia runs the show, and if you block its flow, you’ll experience pain, stiffness, and cellulite fo sho! The EmPOWERment Couple has tapped into this energetic web that connects every part of you in order to unlock movement, health, and happiness. It’s time for you to become a beauty biomechanic.

Show blog coming soon.

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