Beating the Anxiety Beast

Imagine if you will, a beast so gross, so deadly, that by simply thinking of it, it has the ability to consume you in one bold bite. Unfortunately, such a beast exists and its name is Anxiety. Have no fear, The EmPOWERment Couple has been fighting this beast long enough to discover its weakness. If you have fallen victim to anxiety, then this is the episode you should not miss. The time to smite this monster once and for all is upon you. Are you finally ready to be anxiety-free? 

In this anti-anxiety episode, you will

  • Learn how anxiety weakens your mind, body, and soul
  • Discover how to stave off anxiety
  • Find out what foods curb or combat anxiety
  • Utilize techniques to heal your anxiety naturally
  • Highlight natural supplements well known to heal anxiety
  • Learn healthy habits to keep you anxiety-free

Yes, you have the opportunity to live a life free of anxiety. And best of all, many of the strongest anti-anxiety practices are completely free! The EmPOWERment Couple will not stop serving love until everyone is full of joy and free from anxiety. Although Anxiety is a proven life-draining beast, its power is in direct relationship to the power you give it. Muzzle anxiety and focus on living your most beautiful life!


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