Poem: Dear Universe

I’ve found that whenever I ask the Universe for something, I eventually get it. But, I have also found that when I ask the Universe to not send me something, I still eventually get it. So, in the constant quest for my stuff, it is best to say yes, and never say no. For instance, instead of wishing that I didn’t get sick, I wish to remain healthy.

What would you wish for if you knew everything you listed would eventually come to you?


Dear Universe

A Poem by The Phoetic

Dear Universe,

Send me your best. Send your not so nice.

The lambs and wolves and their helpless vice.

The days of calm sun and those that bake my skin,

The sweet the bitter, I will receive, then I’ll ask again.

Caress me, cut me, rock me to bed.

Hold me, fold me, teach me to shed

Those expectations I’ve held so tight,

Cramping my arms and narrowing my sight.

I ask, with wisdom of all of your might,

Deliver by day what I dream by night.

I wish, I wait, then welcome the way

Discovering step by step what comes into play.

I ask you to send me what I want the most

Knowing that what comes I must host.

I’ve learned that what I have is only what I receive

And the things that I don’t, I cannot yet perceive.

Thank You.


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  • Raylene

    The power of thought and intention is amazing.

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