Get The Look: Kryptonite Single Cover Shoot

I always have fun when picking out clothes for my music single covers. This look in particular I got locally and did some thrift shopping, vintage shopping and some closet shopping.  But don’t worry I’ve found similar items online for those of you that want to rock this outfit. Skip to the bottom if you are in a shopping mood!

The Concept

I love a man’s shirt. The loose classic sexiness of a man’s shirt with nothing underneath is one of my favorite’s for photo shoots but I wanted to do a spin on it for Kryptonite. I like the playfulness of a woman in a man’s shirt but there’s also a vulnerability because it implies that there was an exchange. I had played with a bunch of concepts but decided that instead of wearing a green necklace, or a green dress or tied in green ribbon, or green paint ala Lenny Kravitz, I wanted something that suited what you would think about the fictional substance from the Superman comic books, Kryptonite, I chose to just go with a bounce of color like it was swallowing me whole.

The Outfitiamzuri_com_fashion_kryptonite

I went for a mix of emotions when picking out the outfit. Mixing emotions and fabrics is fun. The white blouse is loose and flowing and feminine while the boots are chic and stylized paired with the shorts that are rough denim and edgy. In the final shot you can’t see that I’m wearing a lace bodysuit and little tiny shorts under that shirt but that’s ok. Sometimes adding articles of clothing to a shot are not about modeling them, but about feeling them.

The Shoot

Shooting with Michael is always fun and we giggle way more than maybe we should. He is seriously such a character. Michael and I have been working together for over 8 years. He shot my first album, several promo shots and many of my favorite images throughout the years. If I don’t feel beautiful, Michael has a way of fooling the camera into capturing something and tricking me into feeling stunning.

Makeup and Hair Essentials

Angelina Butera is a magician. I cannot tell you how much I love her work. She’s quick and fabulous. I never worry that I’m going to look like a drag queen or that she’s going to forget I’m a red head with freckles. She takes my makeup to a level that I haven’t perfected and I feel confident when she’s the one prepping me for a shoot.

Similar lip color from Jane Iredale in Lauren.

I love hair products from Josh Rosebrook to get this look.

Get the look!

You can get this look with similar products online below but whenever possible try to find items second hand at a vintage shop or buy local from a designer that uses recycled fabrics. Why? Because it’s more fun, better for the environment, better for your community and you can get quality without breaking the bank. Plus in my opinion vintage clothing carries a story and an essence.

Question Rampage: Do you love vintage? Tell us why you love repurposed fashion? Do you have a look idea? Did I leave something out? Do you love this theme? Are you a fashion freak? Did you download Kryptonite yet? Tell me in the comments.

Beauty and Fashion FAQs: How did I become a fashion girl? Get the scoop here. Follow my I Am Fashion Pinterest Board to see what’s catching my eye this season. Want to know my glamour story- I got that too here.




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